Life at RiverSprings:

I manage accounts, schedule appointments, and I am the contact person for any financial or insurance inquiries. I am the first and last person our patients see on their visit. I want to always make sure they are well taken care of. Each patients individual preference is important to us. When a patient is happy with their experience, it makes the appointment more pleasant.
I enjoy seeing and meeting new people every day. Some patients actually refer to us as “friends”, and I think that is the best quality about everyone who works here. We consider them our friends too and enjoy hearing all their stories and updates when they return for their visits. I also enjoy working with everyone here at RiverSprings Dental. I consider them all family. We all take a part in each others lives and are always there for each other in the good times and the bad. We have had great times in the office and outside the office. Some of the things we have done together is a cupcake making class, spa day, and my favorite, white water rafting.


Keeping it local:

RiverSprings Dental has always been very welcomed by this community. We strive to do whatever we can to give back. Every February we go into the schools and teach the children about dental health. I love seeing all kids and how excited they are to see us.


Away from work:

My life outside of RiverSprings Dental consists of being a wife to my husband Scott and a mother to three kids, T.J., Lauren, and Ryan. My life can be very “crazy” at times but I would not trade any part of it. I have been very blessed. I love spending time with my family, attending and being involved at church, and I love to crochet.


Guilty musical pleasures:

Queen, Bon Jovi, Kenny Rogers – Can you guess my age?


My two cents:

I never say I am lucky, I always say I am blessed.


Dental wisdom:

Despite what people might say, going to the dentist is not as bad as giving birth. I hear this all the time.



“ I would rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing”
– Steel Magnolias